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Featured in TIME as one of the first educational consultants in California, Harriett Bay is a product of the University of California and California State College programs in Educational Psychology; Counseling and Guidance.


Harriett Bay and Associates have been placing children, troubled teens, and young adults in therapeutic programs as well as in day schools for many years. Appropriate placement for your child is the focus. Whether the placement of your child is in a boarding school, a residential treatment center, or a wilderness program, the venue will be well known to Ms. Bay who makes regular visits to schools and educational programs throughout the United States. Bay and Associates is a completely independent educational guidance service and evaluates all programs that might work for your child strictly on their merits.

  • Licensed MFT

  • Experienced teacher

  • Education consultant since 1979

  • Regular school / residential center visits

  • Personal contact with student and family at all times

  • Member of Independent Educational Consultants Association since 1979. IECA is made up of independent professionals who assist a wide range of young people in educational descision-making

Three Decades of Counseling Experience at Work

"I never hesitate to refer families to Harriett Bay. She is kind but direct, knows the programs she recommends, and is always supportive. Her ability to "read" kids is phenomenal and the knowledge she has accumulated over the past thirty years is most impressive.

Thank you for coming in when *** admitted that the "house of cards" he had built for his parents was a sham. Your guidance and warm assurances in spite of the tears, lies, and denial was awesome. Thanks for bringing your enormous expertise to the table!
~ D.G

"I was really having problems at my school and my parents were very disappointed in me. When I talked to Mrs. Bay about it, she came up with a new solution for me. She suggested that going away to school could really turn things around for me. That’s what happened, and it looks like being away from home has been good for my grades. Now I’m thinking about college. Thanks Mrs. Bay!"  ~ D.B.W

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