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Consultation with Parents


The process of choosing a school or program for your child begins with an interview with the parents. This includes a complete review of all records of your child’s educational history and testing.

Separate Interview with Student


The discussion with parents will be followed by a separate interview with the student alone. During this conversation Ms.Bay will assess the student’s educational and emotional needs. Some additional testing may be recommended at this stage.


Contact with Schools, Teachers, Therapists


Following a preliminary estimate of the student’s interests and needs, Ms.Bay will contact tutors, teachers, and therapists in residence at the school or progam of interest. This is often followed by an on site visit to consult with school authorities and specialists.

Final Meeting with Parents


The final phase of this process involves a meeting with the parents to discuss possible options which are available. The schools and programs will have been contacted. Whenever possible, parents are encouraged to visit the possible schools or programs-this can usually be done within a couple of days.

The Range of Schools


  • Private day schools (including special needs)

  • Boarding schools

  • Residential treatment centers

  • Therapeutic boarding schools

  • Wilderness programs

  • Emotional growth programs

  • Transition program

  • Young Adult programs

Three Decades of Counseling Experience at Work

"Harriett is smart, incredibly knowledgeable, and most importantly, really cares about kids. It shows in how hard she works to understand them and their families. A brilliant matchmaker, she helps educate parents and students so that they choose the school that’s best for them.

We came to Harriett when our son was 12 years old. He was facing some incredibly difficult challenges. Harriett understood them all with great compassion and found him the perfect school. Now he's 15 and thriving. Quite simply, she changed his life. We adore her.
~ F.S

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